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Al Hashmi electronics (GOC) is one among the leading technology providers in Al Ain region,established in 1987. It became the masters in this field within span of time. As technology modern days possess a pace “faster fairies” and the sea change it has brought facades of human life, the need abreast with it is crucial.
Al-Hashmi Electronics
Address: Behind Shobra center main Al-Ain
Tel: 03 7662000
Al-Hashmi Electronics (Branch 1)
Address: Beside Shobra center Al-Ain
Tel: 03 7666239
Al-Hashmi Electronics (Branch 2)
Address: Beside Shobra center Al-Ain
Tel:  03 765 7026

Al-Hashmi group of companies is the best in marketing,selling,delivery and in online shopping system to make clients happy.We are always present to help you.
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Al-Hashmi goc has his best team work that makes it successful over the area. Our team is there any time and any day over the week to help you.We are here to help you contact us if you have any problem.